Yard Sign for Building 7 Awareness

Yard/Hand sign brings awareness to WTC 7's collapse
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Our coroplast yard sign shows three light beams representing the three skyscrapers that came down on 9/11 and asks the crucial question of how they fell. The other side shows the free-fall collapse of the WTC 7 skyscraper while asking the viewer if they knew about it. This is a simple and easy way to put the smoking gun of 9/11 on full display.

Dimensions of the lawn signs are 24" x 18" We charge a flat rate for shipping anywhere in the country. The shipping cost is built into the listed price for the signs.

Volume discount pricing is as follows:

5 lawn signs for $20 each plus $15 shipping = $115

10 lawn signs for $15 each plus $20 shipping = $170

20 lawn signs for $12 each plus $25 shipping = $265

You can also download the art for free and print them yourself if you are an AE911TRUTH petition signer. If you aren't yet a signer, then please sign the petition.


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Price $39.99
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