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Our goal at AE911Truth is to get as much 9/11 Truth information out into the world as we can. We also do our best to provide our materials at prices that make it easy for everyone to have and share them.

Within this package of literature and DVDs there is enough variety for you to pick up some new 9/11 information on snow-shoveling breaks, to digging into deep, expert research and analysis when settling down for the night.

 Included in this Special Winter Sale Package:

 The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False, by Dr. David Ray Griffin, a book where he provides a complete dismantling of NIST's theory that WTC7 came down in less than seven seconds because of ordinary building fires. 

 Beyond Misinformation: What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7, AE911Truth’s comprehensive, 50-page guide to the World Trade Center evidence.

 World Trade Center Physics: Why Constant Acceleration Disproves Progressive Collapse, by blowing apart the analysis of civil engineering professor Zdeněk Bažant, it provides decisive proof of what so many people — both engineers and laypersons — understand intuitively: The tops of the Twin Towers could not and did not crush the floors below them. 5 copies.

 9/11: Blueprint For Truth - The Architecture of Destruction - Companion Edition, a DVD with 10-, 30-, and 60-minute abridged versions of the 9/11 facts covered in Richard Gage's well-known, live 2-hr. presentation.

 Anatomy of a Great Deception, a DVD where filmmaker David Hooper masterfully tells the story that starts with an innocent question about a minor discrepancy on 9/11 and becomes a research obsession that ultimately crashes one man's belief system.

 Stand for the Truth: A Government Researcher Speaks Out, a DVD about the story of Peter Michael Ketcham, a former employee of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), who had the courage to speak out about 9/11.

And, of course, enough evidence- and information-packed 9/11 Investigator newspapers to make sure all your other items are securely in place during shipping.

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