T-Shirt 9/11 Truth: Explosive Evidence LADIES

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The Ultimate 9/11 Truth T-shirt: Explosive Evidence (LADIES)

By popular demand we now have our Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth “Explosive Evidence” theme printed on T-shirts designed for women. They are 100% cotton “30 single-combed ring-spun, super soft baby jersey knit” from BELLA.

A discreet, pocket-sized “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth” logo is on the front. The back features “9/11: Explosive Evidence” in our signature white and orange-accent colors overlaying a subtle WTC North Tower blueprint and title block on royal blue.

The evidence is on our side, and this T-shirt proclaims it loud and clear. Wear it proudly and prepare for some great questions and conversation. Also a unique gift for your activist wife, significant other, girlfriend, sister, or mother.

 You can download the art for this and many other AE911Truth products at the Downloadable Artwork page on our website.


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