DVD in an Envelope, San Francisco Press Conf Feb 2010

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Watch Architects & Engineers for 9/11Truth along with distinguished speakers at this historic AE911Truth Press Conference on February 19, 2010, announce the critical milestone achievement of 1,000 architect and engineering professional petition signers – all demanding a real investigation into the explosive demolition of the 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11/01. Includes a riveting multi-media examination of the most recent scientific forensic evidence and eyewitness testimony.

Also included is the Speakers Luncheon Event where you will hear from the AE911Truth petition signers themselves about the specific evidence which altered them and what they are now doing about it.

25 enveloped DVDs only $62.50

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100 enveloped DVDs only $150

DVD's are also available in presentation cases.

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