DVD Firefighters Architects & Engineers – Expose 9/11 Myths


Erik Lawyer
Firefighters for 9/11 Truth

Erik Lawyer awakens us to the startling discoveries from the firefighters on the WTC scene — and what a real WTC investigation should have found. Erik is a 25+ years Emergency Services experience, former Seattle firefighter and founder of Firefighters for 9/11 Truth.

Richard Gage, AIA
Architects & Engineers
for 9/11 Truth

Richard Gage, AIA, 28-year architect and founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth provides full multi-media technical back-up support for this milestone FF 911 Truth effort.

Peter B. Collins, radio show host – Master of Ceremonies
Michelle Little, 9/11 victim family member

More than 200 firefighters and 2,300 architects and engineers are calling for a new investigation of 9/11.

Witness 12 World Trade Center Myths exposed by experts:
• “Only 2 towers destroyed on 9/11” • “Thorough investigation” • “Tested for explosives” • “No explosives found” • “No witnesses of explosions” • “Hot fires”  • “No molten steel/iron” • “Fires created free-fall collapse of WTC Building 7”

Examine the explosive forensic evidence.
Watch the testimony from first responders, news reporters & witnesses.
Discover the crucial omissions from government reports.
Engage in this dynamic rapid-paced and power-packed live multi-media presentation about the most important event of our time.

Watch the trailer here.


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