DVD Cardboard Sleeve Blueprint For Truth Companion Ed. 25-Pack

9/11: Blueprint For Truth – The Architecture of Destruction — Companion Edition DVD with 10-, 30-, and 60-minute abridged versions and bonus material.

This DVD contains:

  • 1-hour condensation of the facts covered in Richard Gage's full "9/11: Blueprint for Truth, The Architecture of Destruction" presentation.
  • 30-minute condensation of the facts covered in Richard Gage's full "9/11: Blueprint for Truth
  • Three videos of presentations by physics teacher David Chandler.

The 30-minute version is great for waking up busy professionals and elected reps over lunch.

The one-hour version is formatted for time-slots on local public-access TV stations, PBS, and network TV. If you haven't gone through training at your local public-access station, we encourage you to find out how so you can broadcast this DVD there. (Alliance For Community Media http://www.alliancecm.org/ is a good place to start.) If you'll take this presentation through the procedures of getting it aired on your local public-access TV station, add a note to the comment form when you check out so we can throw in a free one. View the trailer here.

Also included is David Chandler's "The Free-fall Acceleration of Building 7," the presentation that helped inspire a group of scientists and engineers to force representatives of NIST to acknowledge that WTC 7 went down in free-fall.

Also available:

PAL format DVD with European translations

Blueprint for Truth – Companion Edition DVDs in presentation cases

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