"Architects & Engineers" Brochure (50-Pack)

"Architects & Engineers" Brochure (50-Pack)
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This handsome tri-fold brochure was originally created in the fall of 2015 for AE911Truth’s exhibitions at the 2015 Structural Engineering Summit in Las Vegas and at the Architecture Boston Expo.

At each event we saw just how effective these six-sided brochures were. The cover presents a striking aerial image of the World Trade Center destruction. The large photographs on the inside were indispensable visual aides as we discussed the evidence with curious architects and engineers. The inside cover includes powerful quotes from some of our most prominent petition signers, while the back cover invites the reader to sign the AE911Truth petition.

Now we are offering the “Architects & Engineers” Brochure for widespread distribution at nearly the cost of production. This way everyone can join in handing them out to architects and engineers as well as everyday citizens.

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