16-oz. ReThink911 Coffee Mug

We all need to ReThink911. Start in the morning with the coffee mug at your home, or better yet, take this conversation starter to work with you and wake up the whole office! This giant 16-ounce navy blue cup hosts the thought-provoking tagline of the campaign, “The Evidence Might Surprise You.” Indeed, it surprised Richard Gage seven years ago when he heard David Ray Griffin’s startling report of the evidence on the radio. You never know who you are going to wake up to “smell the coffee.”

Share the 9/11 truth on caffeine – it’s a whole new high! 

The ReThink911.org url multi-purpose artwork used for this mug is free to download to AE911Truth Petition Signers. If you aren't yet a signer, then please sign the petition


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